Since 1949 we have worked with countless festivals, fairs, and events in the Pacific Northwest. Below are just a few testimonials of select companies.


I have had the sincere privilege to have Lind's Concessions set up their booth on my parking lot. They have served my customers with the highest of professionalism and integrity. In fact, every time I have Lind's on my lot, I received a number of customer comment cards thanking me for having them in town.

I strongly recommend Lind's Concessions to anybody who is considering utilizing them at their facility.

John H.

I have worked with Bernard Lind of Lind's Concessions on numerous occasions. Each time I found him to be professional and courteous to customers, ethical in his dealings with Wal-Mart, and generally pleasant to work with.

Lind's Concessions sells a variety of products that can vary with the needs of the store. We receive many positive comments from his (our) customers.

Lind's Concessions pay Wal-Mart a percentage commission of their total sales. Having them on our lot has always proven to be profitable. They carry their own liability insurance.

If you have specific questions regarding Lind's Concessions' working relationship with Wal-Mart of Ontario, feel free to contact me.

Evan C.

Please accept this letter as a recommendation for Bernard Lind. Mr. Lind has been a concession vendor at the Umatilla County Fair for the past four years and we have found him to be very professional in his business.

Mr. Lind has demonstrated the ability to work efficiently during busy times and has kept the crowd coming back. He keeps his work area clean and is courteous to the public. He offers a variety of menu items and is always striving to find something new to please his patrons. We look forward to working with Mr. Lind at future events at our facilities.

If you need further information please feel free to contact me at 541-567-6121.

Wendi K. / Manager
Umatilla County Fair

The McCall Area Chamber of Commerce recognizes the concessionaire Lind's Concessions as a recommended vendor for your upcoming festivals and fairs. Lind's Concessions has participated in the McCall Winter Carnival for several years with his large variety of foods as well as his novelty candies. Lind's Concessions has always operated in a professional manner and is very accommodating to the public. The McCall Winter Carnival has benefitted from Lind's Concession with his repeat customers year after year and feel that your event will enjoy him as much as we have.

If you have any questions please feel free to call me at (208) 634-7631.

Laurie W. / Office Manager
McCall Area Chamber of Commerce