Reader Chooses 'Corn Dog Man' over 'Big Wiener'

From the East Oregonian
November 27, 2007

I don't believe it's about parking. The fast food joints are afraid they will lose a buck.

We realize Mr. McAnally is a "Big Wiener" in town but I don't think a small wiener stand, in town for one month, will kill his business.

I believe the corn dog man has a better location now. People going shopping probably will see the corn dog stand before going by Quizno's. I think Quizno's is being greedy at Christmas time. I for one will not set foot in Quizno's ever again.

We love the corn dog man. He has a very good product and I hope he has better business in his new location.

Good business for Wilcox. Happy holidays.

Joe Churchill

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