Moving Corn Dog Stand Isn't That Bad

From the East Oregonian
November 23, 2007

The flap over moving "Linds Famous Corndogs" from in front of Rite Aid in Pendleton to a major intersection adjacent to Wilcox Furniture raises a familiar issue - the balance between itinerant merchants 'who come to town for special times of the year versus businesses who operate here 12 months of the year.

It's not an issue that is unique to Lind or the Christmas season. It's an issue that also surfaces every year during Round-Up when dozens of out-of-town vendors line Court Street and other nearby spaces in order to capitalize on the population influx.

For the local merchants, it's often a no-win situation and yet they are the ones who pay the property taxes and contribute to the multitude of fund-raising activities which go on in the community.

For the merchants in Melanie Square who need to retain access to customer amenities they are paying for, they have a fair case to make - just like merchants in downtown Pendleton who often find that while they enjoy having the core of the city blocked off for special events, their businesses aren't always accessible to customers.

In the issues surrounding the movement of the corn dog stand, it was actually the owners of Melanie Square who should have stepped forward to protect the rights of their clients rather than making them take the fall.

Lind now has an excellent location at a major intersection from which to operate during his six-week stay. And the businesses in Melanie Square are getting to use the parking spaces they pay for.

This seems to be a win-win for everyone.

Yes, the stand is now in back of Rite Aid instead of in front, but, after eating a corn dog, it wouldn't hurt to walk half a block anyway.

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